The Magnificent Rogue by Iris Johansen

By Iris Johansen

A princess and a warrior-chief are swept from the glittering courts of Elizabethan England to the storm-tossed cliffs of the Scottish Highlands, in an engrossing story of peril and hope.

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She didn't answer. "Silence? Meekness is a virtue, but I don't think this lack of words is caused by meekness. Tell me of the dream. " He knew it was always the same. She had cursed herself a hundred times for telling him about the mermaid, but she had only been a child when the dream started. She had not realized how powerful a weapon it would prove to him. "Tell me," he repeated softly. "You know it is for the best. " She could lie to him and tell him the dream was not about the mermaid. He might believe her.

You seem to have guessed. I did it to annoy James. " He hesitated, then shrugged. "It was a chance to divide you. James is powerful enough already, and everyone knows you're considering naming him as heir to your throne. It would not be to my advantage to have him king of England as well as Scotland. " He inclined his head. "We have had words on occasion. " "For the moment. I know a good deal about you already and have guessed more. " he asked softly. " It was true, but he could not possibly have guessed her purpose.

It was done. "Very sensible. You will be released at dawn and given back your purse and horses. You will go directly to Sheffield, where the girl resides in a cottage a few miles from the village. She's cared for by the vicar and his good wife. Sebastian Landfield is a godly man and has devoted the last thirteen years to her well-being. Percy will give you a letter I've written bidding the vicar give you custody of the girl. She will be no trouble. " She moved toward the door. " "I didn't make it, you did.

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