Syrian Christians Under Islam: The First Thousand Years by David Thomas

By David Thomas

This quantity includes papers from the 3rd Woodbrooke-Mingana Symposium on Arab Christianity and Islam at the subject of "Arab Christianity in 'Greater Syria' within the pre-Ottoman Period". It provides features of Syrian Christian lifestyles and inspiration through the first millennium of Islamic rule. one of the 8 contributing students are Sidney Griffith on ninth-century Christological controversies, Samir okay. Samir at the Prophet Muhammed noticeable via Arab Christian eyes, Lawrence Conrad at the general practitioner Ibn Butlan, and Lucy-Anne Hunt on Muslim impression on Christian booklet illustrations. there's additionally a foreword by way of the Syrian Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo. the image that emerges is of group lifestyles constructing in its personal manner and discovering a particular personality, as Christians spoke back to the social and highbrow impacts of Islam.

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Msaker, who died m the yea,· 825. See Dick, "Un comimwleur arabe", p. 116. 120 Chaoot, Clmmigut tit Midld Ie Syim, vol. HI, pp. 32-34 (french), vol. IV, p. 496 (Sr oac). , in which he said that he would send a deacon, a rdative of his, to Anncnia to engage in debate with Abo Qurra in defence of the Syrian Orthodox cause. 121 The deacon was Nonnus of Nisibis,122 who did in fact go to Armenia, and according to reports preserved in Armenian sources, Nonnus was successful in coulllcring AbO Qurra's inOuence l23 and remained at the prince's court for some years in the capacity of what we might now call scholar-ill-residence.

23-4-7. For [he oolllext of this edict see S. 1-1. Griffith, "Images, IsL~m and Christian Icons". For a different view see P. Speck, "Was fhr Bilder eigemLich? neue Oberlegungen zu den Bildere

See the discussion of the Vita of 51 Slephen the Younger in I. $e\"cenko, "Hagiography of the Iconoclast PCliod", in A. J. Herrin eds, /co/lrJdastll. Papus Givm til tile 9tll Spring ~IIPrJsiulII oj Byzantine Studies, U"ivmity oj BimJingllatll, 1975, Ilirmingham, 1977, pp. 113-31; reprinted in 1. $e\"cenko, ideology, Lellas alld Culture intlte Byza1/tine l-Vorld, London, 1982. 90 See the discussioll ill S. 1-1. Griffith, "ElIIychius of Alexandria on the Emperor ThcophiJus and Iconoclasm in Byzamiulll; a tenth cenlUlY moment in Christian apologelics in Arabic", By::ptlliotl 52, 1982, pp.

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