Frontiers in Crystal Engineering by Edward R. T. Tiekink, Jagadese Vittal

By Edward R. T. Tiekink, Jagadese Vittal

Crystal engineering - the place the myriad of intermolecular forces working within the solid-state are hired to layout new nano- and practical fabrics - is a key new expertise with implications for catalysis, prescription drugs, synthesis and fabrics science.

Frontiers in Crystal Engineering gathers own views, from overseas experts operating in molecular features of crystal engineering, at the sensible and theoretical demanding situations of the self-discipline, and destiny customers. those reveal the techniques which are getting used to take on the issues linked to the complexity, layout and performance of crystalline molecular solids.

Topics include
* how intermolecular forces direct and maintain crystal structures
* practical engineering and layout elements
* coordination polymers and community structures
* functions in eco-friendly and pharmaceutical chemistry

Frontiers in Crystal Engineering is an invaluable advisor to this intriguing new self-discipline for either entrants to the sector in addition to confirmed practitioners, and for these operating in crystallography, medicinal and pharmaceutical sciences, solid-state chemistry, and fabrics and nanotechnology

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While it is common to observe a carboxylic acid OH moiety forming an hydrogen bond to a carbonyl group, bifurcation of a carbonyl (amide or simple ketone) to two acid 42 CRYSTAL ENGINEERING OF PHARMACEUTICAL CO-CRYSTALS 1i 1j 1k 1l 1m 1n Figure 11. Illustrations of the co-crystal structures 1i–n CARBAMAZEPINE CO-CRYSTALS 43 OH groups without a 2-point supramolecular heterosynthon present is seen in only one structure in the CSD [109]. Co-crystal 1m exhibits a 2:1 stoichiometry that contains both supramolecular heterosynthon II and a primary amide dimer, I.

More often than not, the phase that is obtained is independent of the synthetic methodology. The technique of solvent-drop grinding, addition of a small amount of suitable solvent to the ground mixture to accelerate co-crystallization, appears to be a particularly effective preparation method [66, 67]. That co-crystals can sometimes be prepared in a facile manner does not mean that their synthesis and isolation is routine: • A detailed understanding of the supramolecular chemistry of the functional groups present in a given molecule is a prerequisite for designing a co-crystal, since it facilitates selection of appropriate co-crystal formers.

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