Democrito by A cura di Roberto Radice

By A cura di Roberto Radice

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25 The Persephone Painter does show an interest in frontal bodies, but not, it appears, in frontal faces, with the exception of this vase. Dem. 480–2): ὄλβιος ὃς τάδ᾿ ὄπωπεν ἐπιχθονίων ἀνθρώπων· ὃς δ᾿ ἀτελὴς ἱερῶν, ὅς τ᾿ ἄμμορος, οὔ ποθ' ὁμοίων αἶσαν ἔχει φθίμενός περ ὑπὸ ζόφῳ εὐρώεντι. Blissful is he of groundling men who has seen these things; But he who is not initiated or has no share of the sacred rites, never will he have an equal share under the murky earth when he dies. It seems altogether appropriate that the philanthropic god who traverses and mediates between heaven, earth, and the nether regions should be the herald of the new conditions of human mortality that are brought about by the reunion of mother and daughter.

2. 530 BC. © bpk/München, Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyptothek possibility that some of the other Homeric Hymns, including the long ones, were already widely known in Athens at the beginning of the fifth century as school texts. 7 A good many scholars have argued that the beautiful kylix in Munich (Fig. 2) is closely connected to the seventh Homeric Hymn to Dionysus, but other voices have expressed doubts about such an equation. The Hymn recounts how Tyrrhenian pirates bound and kidnapped Dionysus; when his bonds would not hold, the helmsman realized he must be some god, but the others would not heed him.

Cornutus, to cite the obvious example in J. B. Torres’ chapter (Chapter 10), sits at the crossroads of Greek and Roman traditions, as of course do Horace, Virgil, and Ovid in their own extensive engagement with Greek literature. A workshop held in Heidelberg in June 2014, at which contributors discussed pre-circulated drafts of the chapters, has encouraged interaction between the chapters that goes beyond superficial cross-references post scriptum. This, combined with the discussion above of different modes and forms of reception of the Homeric Hymns treated in the volume and the summary of contributions below, will help and encourage readers to tie the individual chapters together.

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