Deathlands 44 Crucible of Time by James Axler

By James Axler

A connection to his prior awaits Ryan Cawdor because the team takes a mat-trans leap to the remnants of California. Brother Joshua Wolfe is the chief of the kids of the Rock--a cult that has left a path of barbarism and hate around the ravaged California nation-state. Ryan and his compatriots needs to live to tell the tale the conflict rituals prescribed by way of the cult and break out the faulty wrath in their enemies, the Mescalero Indians, so one can proceed their trip around the wastelands.

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All he knew was that the mat-trans jump had been a bad one. The leap from one gateway to another was never a pleasant experience, but some jumps were worse than others. "Bad one," he muttered to himself. There was only the briefest memory of starting the jump. All of them had sat down on the floor with its pattern on steel disks, matched by the ones in the ceiling. His back settled against the cold armaglass, with Krysty Wroth at his right and Dean, his son, on his left. B. Dix and Jak Lauren had ranged themselves around the hexagonal chamber.

One notice warned about the dangers of wild animals such as bears, snakes and panthers, stressing that they weren't tamed and feeding them was totally forbidden under park regulations. Next to it was a warning about back country hiking, making the point that hikers should always register any planned hike and sign on and off with rangers at approved places, marked on the small map on the board. But what interested Krysty and the others were the crudely hand-lettered, unattributed notices that had been stuck beneath the plastic covers, obscuring some of the original, official messages.

He saw the corridor outside, brightly lit, and the wall. There was no sign of any kind of life. " The gap was about seven inches. " There was a pause while the flame-headed woman closed her eyes and pushed her mind to go questing into the redoubt. "No, lover. " The lever moved from the horizontal and the great weight of sec steel began to slide slowly upward again. Ryan crouched on hands and knees, watching as more of the passage outside was revealed. He saw concrete, sloping to an arched roof that was illuminated by strip lighting, and he could also see the first of an expected number of sec cameras, fixed high up where the roof and walls ran into one another.

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