Deathlands 26 - Shadowfall by James Axler

By James Axler

Best his band of decided fans to the remnants of post-nuclear Sunshine kingdom, Ryan Cawdor speedy learns that their survival is dependent upon their wits and an unforeseen alliance with an alien tradition.

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I reckon we might be out in the western islands. " Mildred asked. " Ryan answered her. "Probably because we've never jumped out that way since you've been with us. B. agreed. " "Oh, right. S. of A. during the last war. " "Nearly wiped clean away," Trader said. " Doc coughed. "My belief is that the San Andreas and all the other associated tectonic fault lines were struck and opened up. All of their energy was released, and the consequent quakes stretched out far beyond the coast. B. nodded. "Apart from the long words, it sounds right to me, Doc.

Dark night! B. called, trying to reach the sec lock. Then Ryan realized what was going on. He could just see the gateway over everyone's heads, see the closed door and just make out, very dimly, the shape of his son inside, through the speckled glass. Dean was up on his feet, pounding with his bare fists on the armored door. " Ryan roared, heading across the cramped little room toward the trapped boy. B. had gotten to the door first, and both were pulling on the release mechanism. "No," the Armorer panted.

Over halfway," Dean said. "Three-quarters," Doc stated. "No more talk," Ryan warned. " The pointer slowed as the elevator neared the bottom of the steep shaft. Ryan had been counting, and he calculated that it had to be around one hundred and fifty feet to the top. There was a faint but audible jolting noise as the car finally stopped. Nothing happened for several long moments. Ryan took a quick look at the faces of his companions. Krysty's green eyes were blazing, her hair tightly knotted at the back of her neck.

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