Deathlands 11 Time Nomads by James Axler

By James Axler

One of many books in a chain happening sooner or later after worldwide battle

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I just wonder what the dark night's going on inside there," he murmured. Chapter Six COLRADA HAD SUFFERED in different ways during the heavy nuking from the Russians. Parts of the old state that had held silos and missile or military bases had been hard hit, and some regions, particularly close to where what was known as Colorado Springs used to stand, had been totally devastated. There were still hot spots in a few places. But the configuration of the Rockies had meant that some places, in the lee of the catastrophic explosions, had been spared.

Sure. You have to remember these redoubts were all built in the last four or five years of the twentieth century, in isolated, hidden places. And most of 'em escaped the nuking. Most were powered by eternal generators. Atomic stuff. " asked Ryan. The Armorer nodded. "Sure. Point taken. Mebbe a handful of powerful barons might have the tech-power. Maybe. " "What if the jump takes you to a redoubt where a mountain fell in? " "No. Rick Ginsburg, your predecessor as the group's freezie, was an expert on doorways.

B. complained. "Most times you head up and eventually you find a way out," Krysty stated. "I just don't like this bad air. " "We don't find something or a way out real soon," Ryan told her, "then we'll just have to go back and face that locked door. We'll probably have to face it some time, anyway. " They reached what was obviously a major junction, which branched out into half a dozen different passages. B. pointed out that the wires that he suspected were part of an intricate defense bomb continued along only one corridor.

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