Dead Or Alive 4: Prima Official Game Guide by Bryan Dawson

By Bryan Dawson 

Prima retains You ALIVE* specialist classes take you from the fundamentals to the complex techniques.* complete circulation lists for all characters!* The artwork of Fighting--strategies to deliver your struggling with talents to a complete new level.* huge personality research: most sensible juggles, best/worst match-ups, offensive and shielding strategies.* on-line play details to get you into the global neighborhood, and continue you aggressive!

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Bass’s throw game becomes more prominent in online play. It’s much harder for opponents to react to his throws. A very useful technique in online play is , , followed immediately by your choice of throws. If you mix this up with the Combo Gong, your opponents won’t have time to duck under or interrupt the throw. Wall Strategies Just about any attack Bass successfully lands from a relatively close distance can knock his opponent into a wall. Bass is a powerful character, so you won’t need to worry about using a set number of attacks to take advantage of the wall.

C,C+ GROUND THROW—There’s not much to say here other than abuse, abuse, abuse. When your opponent has been slammed to the ground by the Knee Hammer or a similar attack, the Ground Throw lifts your foe off the ground while completely interrupting any attempt at a rising kick. From here, Bass pushes the opponent away, giving him a large frame advantage and the ability to attack with just about anything. Your best bet in this situation is generally Buffalo Rage, an offensive hold, or your throw of choice.

Your opponent’s only option is to counterhold. This leaves the foe open to another Dragon Gunner, a Dragon Kick, a Dragon Upper, or virtually any of his punch strings. The Dragon Step Middle can also be used when your opponent’s back is to the wall to slam them into the wall and follow up with the wall combo of your choice. The kick is not safe when blocked, so make sure to use it only when your opponent whiffs an attack, after the Dragon Gunner, or when you have your opponent pinned against the wall.

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