Data privacy for the smart grid by Rebecca Herold

By Rebecca Herold

"The shrewdpermanent Grid is a handy time period to explain the modernization of electrical, ordinary gasoline, and water grid infrastructures. The time period encapsulates the convergence of distant tracking and keep an eye on applied sciences with communications applied sciences, renewables new release, and analytics features in order that formerly non-communicative infrastructures like electrical energy grids offers time-sensitive prestige updates and Read more...

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The 2003 blackout started with transmission lines sagging in the heat of an August day and touching tree branches. What should have been an outage limited to one utility became a multistate problem because of human error and a lack of situational awareness. Existing technologies provided status updates every 4 seconds. That may sound like a reasonable rate of data, but electrons move much faster than that. We don’t recommend that you experiment with this illustration of the problem, but think of it in terms of driving a nonautonomous car on a highway.

W h at Is t he Sm a r t G rid ? 27 Microgrids* are receiving significant attention from consumers ranging from the military and industrial operations to commercial property managers and individual homeowners who want full or partial functionality during grid outages. The Smart Grid offers opportunities to build microgrids that can operate independently of the grid as well as integrate to it. San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) has demonstrated that a microgrid can be used to energize the primary distribution system.

As the intermediary between the electricity consumer and the electric utility, ESPs could own the consumer relationship. Intermediation has very interesting implications for privacy. Other Relevant Market Changes There are other relevant market changes that can only occur as Smart Grid technologies are deployed by utilities, ESPs, or prosumers. Some state regulatory agencies and their regulated utilities are planning to convert today’s fixed residential tariffs to time of use* (TOU) electricity rates in the future, which would reflect the price changes in electricity over a 24-hour time period.

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