Curved Space-Time and Radiation by Rainich G. Y.

By Rainich G. Y.

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Computer, display cannon targeting cross hairs! Zoom in on proximity sailcraft 50%... " He kept the cross hairs on the weirdly moving ship. What was the pirate doing?! Then Jason felt the pattern -- the pirate must have fouled his east and south sails with the larger central one and was trying to jerk the ship over to free them up. Jason estimated the direction in which the pirate ship would next surge... aimed carefully... and FIRED! He felt with satisfaction the ship shudder as power was momentarily sucked away from the gravitonic sail system and diverted to his powerful gravitonic cannon.

Jason heard a loud hiss from somewhere in the gravitonic systems as a breaker clamped down, safely shunting the overload out of the sail system. If Jason tried to flee by sailing out of the gravitonic current to the side, he would slow down to a crawl on the meager gravitonic drifts outside a true current, leaving himself an easy target for the five active pirates. He could storm past the group of pirates in front, and hope to escape down the nearby branch. But at close range he would not be able to avoid their cannon.

Many computers permitted the wearer of a VR helmet to travel within the computer's own memory to make software programming easier by taking advantage of the human brain's ultra-sophisticated visual processing ability. Jason could not stand virtual-reality. It gave him severe feelings of anxiety, and made him feel like his mind was trapped. He much preferred physical reality. Sometimes Jason would sip rich coffee from around the Galaxy, and grow talkative. Dalton enjoyed listening to Jason's exciting tales of past rescues.

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