Crystallography Made Crystal Clear. A Guide for Users of by Gale Rhodes

By Gale Rhodes

Crystallography Made Crystal transparent is designed to fulfill the necessity for an X-ray research that's among short textbook sections and entire remedies. The ebook offers non-crystallographers with an intellectually fulfilling clarification of the rules of the way protein versions are gleaned from X-ray research. the knowledge of those suggestions will foster clever use of the types, together with the popularity of the strengths and weaknesses of images or special effects. on the grounds that proteins include nearly all of the mass of macromolecules in cells and perform biologically vital projects, the publication could be of curiosity to biologists.

Provides available descriptions of rules of x-ray crystallography, equipped on uncomplicated foundations for someone with a simple technological know-how background
Leads the reader via transparent, thorough, unintimidating motives of the math at the back of crystallography
Explains how one can learn crystallography papers in learn journals
If you utilize computer-generated versions of proteins or nucleic acids for:
Studying molecular interactions
Designing ligands, inhibitors, or drugs
Engineering new protein functions
Interpreting chemical, kinetic, thermodynamic, or spectroscopic data
Studying protein folding
Teaching macromolecule structure,and a good way to learn new constitution papers intelligently; develop into a smarter consumer of macromolecular types; and need to introduce undergraduates to the real topic of x-ray crystallography, then this publication is for you

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R e m e m b e r that the c o m p u t e r p r o g r a m s that m a k e this conversion An Overview of Protein Crystallography 20 are a c t i n g as a l e n s to r e c o n s t r u c t an i m a g e f r o m diffracted r a d i a t i o n . E a c h reflection is p r o d u c e d b y a b e a m of e l e c t r o m a g n e t i c r a d i a t i o n ( x - r a y s ) , so t h e c o m p u t a t i o n s e n t a i l t r e a t i n g t h e reflections as w a v e s a n d r e c o m b i n i n g t h e s e w a v e s to p r o d u c e an i m a g e of t h e m o l e c u l e s in t h e u n i t c e l l .

B. X-ray structures are compatible with other structural evidence F u r t h e r e v i d e n c e for t h e s i m i l a r i t y of s o l u t i o n a n d c r y s t a l s t r u c t u r e s is t h e c o m p a t i b i l i t y of c r y s t a l l o g r a p h i c m o d e l s w i t h t h e r e s u l t s of c h e m i c a l s t u d ­ ies o n p r o t e i n s . F o r i n s t a n c e , t w o r e a c t i v e g r o u p s in a p r o t e i n m i g h t b e l i n k e d b y a c r o s s - l i n k i n g r e a g e n t , d e m o n s t r a t i n g t h e i r n e a r n e s s .

7 - 2 . 1 0 , t h e diffrac­ t i o n p a t t e r n s a r e t h e F o u r i e r t r a n s f o r m s of t h e c o r r e s p o n d i n g o b j e c t s o r ar­ r a y s of o b j e c t s . T o p u t it a n o t h e r w a y , t h e F o u r i e r t r a n s f o r m is t h e l e n s - s i m ­ ulating operation that a c o m p u t e r performs m o l e c u l e s in t h e c r y s t a l . T h i s v i e w of p(x,y,z) t o p r o d u c e an i m a g e of as t h e F o u r i e r t r a n s f o r m of t h e s t r u c t u r e f a c t o r s i m p l i e s t h a t if w e c a n m e a s u r e t h r e e p a r a m e t e r s — a m ­ p l i t u d e , f r e q u e n c y , a n d p h a s e — o f each reflection, t h e n w e c a n o b t a i n t h e The mathematics of crystallography: A brief description f u n c t i o n p(x,y,z), 27 g r a p h t h e f u n c t i o n , a n d " s e e " a f u z z y i m a g e of t h e m o l e ­ c u l e s in t h e u n i t c e l l .

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