Crystallographic and metacrystallographic groups by W. Opechowski

By W. Opechowski

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X-Ray Diffraction: In Crystals, Imperfect Crystals, and Amorphous Bodies

Exceptional examine starts with basics of x-ray diffraction conception utilizing Fourier transforms, then applies common effects to numerous atomic buildings, amorphous our bodies, crystals and imperfect crystals. ordinary legislation of X-ray diffraction on crystals persist with as precise case. hugely precious for solid-state physicists, metallographers, chemists and biologists.

Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography

X-ray crystallography presents us with the main exact photo we will be able to get of atomic and molecular constructions in crystals. It offers a troublesome bedrock of structural ends up in chemistry and in mineralogy. In biology, the place the constructions are usually not absolutely crystalline, it could nonetheless supply important effects and, certainly, the influence right here has been innovative.

Perspectives in crystallography

Crystallography is likely one of the such a lot multidisciplinary sciences, with roots in fields as various as arithmetic, physics, chemistry, biology, fabrics technological know-how, computation and earth and planetary technology. The structural wisdom won from crystallography has been instrumental in buying new degrees of knowing in different medical components.

A First Example of a Lyotropic Smectic C* Analog Phase: Design, Properties and Chirality Effects

During this thesis Johanna Bruckner stories the invention of the lyotropic counterpart of the thermotropic SmC* part, which has develop into well-known because the purely spontaneously polarized, ferroelectric fluid in nature. via polarizing optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction and electro-optic experiments she firmly establishes points of the constitution of the unconventional lyotropic liquid crystalline part and elucidates its attention-grabbing homes, between them a reported polar electro-optic impression, analogous to the ferroelectric switching of its thermotropic counterpart.

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45a. In both case, the dielectric constant of the high-index material is 12. In many ways, photonic-crystal slabs are analogous to two-dimensional photonic crystals, such as those depicted in Fig. 1, and this analogy aids greatly in the visualization and analysis of slab systems. Two-dimensional calculations, however, cannot be applied directly to three-dimensional slab structures. In particular, the band structure computed for a two-dimensional structure, as shown in Fig. 2, applies in three dimensions only to a structure that is infinitely “extruded” in the third dimension.

Let us make two additional comments before we continue. First, in the special case where the crystal has translational symmetry ( a → 0 ), the irreducible Brillouin zone extends to k = ∞ , and is called a dispersion relation; this is commonly used to characterize waveguides. Second, when one is interested in just the extrema of the frequency bands, it is usually sufficient to consider only wavevectors along the edges of the irreducible Brillouin zone (or often merely the vertices)—this allows the band structure to be plotted in an ordinary two-dimensional diagram, many examples of which are found in this thesis.

4), but this merely means that we operate in a subspace of the set of all possible eigensolutions; it has no effect on most of the following discussion. Next, like in quantum mechanics, we look for time-harmonic states whose time dependence is e –iωt for some (angular) frequency ω —all possible solutions can be expressed via this form, since the equation is linear—and thus Eq. 5) becomes: 1 ω 2 ∇ × --- ∇ × H =  ---- H . 6) This is a Hermitian eigenproblem over an infinite domain, and generally produces a continuous spectrum of eigenfrequencies ω .

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