Crystallization of polymers. Volume 1, Equilibrium concepts by Leo Mandelkern

By Leo Mandelkern

Mandelkern L. Crystallization of polymers (CUP Press, 2002)(ISBN 0511061064)(449s)

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9 Plot of left-hand side of Eq. 6) against Vrij (11)) T for Tm0 = 418 K. (From Flory and Fig. 10 Plot of left-hand side of Eq. 6) against Vrij (11)) T for Tm0 = 419 K. (From Flory and This difference, of about 4 K, is significant in many uses of Tm0 . The direct demonstration and observation of Tm0 for any polymer is a very difficult matter. (22–27) The slope and intercept of the straight line in Fig. 9, when analyzed according to Eq. 2 cal deg mol−1 . The straight line in Fig. 10 yields similar results for these parameters.

15) In this figure the vertical straight lines represent the ordered sequence conformation. For the n-alkanes it is all trans planar zigzag. For other oligimers it could very well represent some type of helical conformation. In the crystalline state depicted, the molecules are placed end-to-end so that the terminal groups are juxtaposed in successive layers of the lattice. The end-groups are paired, one to another, so that the sequence of chain units from one molecule to the next is perpetuated through successive layers of the lattice.

The lamellar habit is typical of crystallites formed by homopolymers. Such structures are central to the understanding of molecular morphology and properties. Of particular interest and importance is the nature of the interphase between the crystalline and noncrystalline regions. This problem will be discussed in detail in Volume 3. When homopolymers are crystallized from very dilute solutions, either lozenge-shaped platelets or crystals that possess a dendritic habit are formed. Some typical electron micrographs of the crystals precipitated from dilute solution are shown in Figs.

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