Crucial Images in the Presentation of a Kurdish National by Martin Strohmeier

By Martin Strohmeier

This paintings covers the discourse on Kurdishness and the improvement of the Kurdish nationwide move from its inception on the finish of the nineteenth century to the overdue Thirties. It examines the efforts of aspiring Kurdish leaders to "awaken" their fellow Kurds to the need of the Kurdish reason.

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Kürdistàn was printed successively in Cairo, Geneva, London, Folkstone and again in Geneva. I have used the reprint by Kamàl Fu"àd (1972) (nrs. 10, 12, 17, 18 and 19 are miss­ ing in that reprint). 2 Martin Hartmann who conducted studies on the Kurdish language at the turn of the century, interviewed an educated Kurd from Diyarbakır in Paris. Ferìd Bey, a scion of a notable family in Diyarbakır and nephew of a Óamìdìye officer, had spoken nothing but Kurmanjì before being sent to Istanbul to the 'A{iret Mektebi.

29 It is the feast of newroz and the two young sisters of the emir have disguised themselves as men in order to wander among the crowds in the streets and form an idea of the men they would like to marry. They watch as two girls (actu­ ally men disguised as women) collapse. Zìn and Siti, who now have to rush back to the castle, leave their rings with the “girls” to whom they have taken a fancy. The men in disguise are actually Tajdìn, the son of a minister, and Mem, a secretary at the court. When they see the names of the girls on the rings they are wearing they realize that the two youths they had seen before losing consciousness must have been the princesses.

181, note 3. 19 Touraine (1974), pp. 174 sqq. 20 Many aspects of the Kurdish image portrayed by the authors of Kürdistàn eventually became firmly entrenched in the self-definition of Kurdish nationalists, and have remained so to this day, especially when support for the Kurdish cause is being enlisted abroad. 21 20 21 Hroch (1968), pp. 24–25. Starting in no. 2 (14 ˛ùlDicce 1315/23 Nìsàn 1314), p. 4. STROHMEIER_f4-f6_18-35 11/11/02 9:31 AM Page 27 27 CHAPTER FOUR MEM Ù ZÌN Mem ù Zìn constitutes the backbone of the argument that Kurds are a nation capable of attaining a high level of civilization, and pos­ sessing a language which can yield great literature.

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