Critical Perspectives in Politics and Socio-Economic by Wisdom J Tettey, Korbla P Puplampu, Joshua Berman

By Wisdom J Tettey, Korbla P Puplampu, Joshua Berman

This quantity offers a entire and built-in research of Ghanaian politics, financial system and society, outlining tensions, dilemmas and customers with which the rustic has to contend. The chapters seriously study: the functionality and clients of democratic associations and methods; responses to, and influence of, financial guidelines and programmes; and the way tradition intersects with the previous advancements to form socio-economic and political associations and practices. Divided into 4 thematic sections, this assortment combines wealthy, empirical fabric with theoretical analyses and brings interdisciplinary views to undergo at the concerns tested.

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By the end of the 1980s and throughout the 1990s, however, the overall growth rate of the GDP settled into a more modest 4–5% per annum (ISSER, 1999: 107). gration of its subsidiaries. This has been a major point of contention between the company and the Ghanaian government over the years.   23 The experience and impact of this renewed growth was very unevenly spread through the Ghanaian economy and society, however. For the greater part of the population it made for little improvement in the quality of life and for many, especially the growing mass of unemployed in the cities, it brought a significant deterioration as they were expected to find self-employment in the informal sector.

13 However, the culture and development argument implicitly reproduces the long discredited modern versus traditional dichotomy of modernization theory, and treats indigenous cultures ahistorically as fixed and stagnant modes of thought and being, without reference to changing local or international contexts. Earlier chapters in this book do show that indigenous cultural factors do contradict and undermine the cultural and institutional features of Western modernity at various points, but they treat these dynamically as both shaping and shaped by distinctive features of the Ghanaian historical experience and the country’s position in the global system from pre-colonial times to the present, rather than stagnant survivals of a ‘primitive’ past.

Since independence, the development of these social forces has been fitful and, despite increasing integration into the global capitalist system, they remain far from dominant in either rural or urban society. Indeed, since the state has historically been the largest employer of labour in Ghana, the cuts in state employment of more than 300,000 public sector workers has actually significantly decreased the country’s wage labour force. Indigenous institutions and culture remain not as stagnant and anachronistic survivals of the past, but as continuing dynamic elements of social adaptation and change.

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