Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grille by Steven Brust

By Steven Brust

Cowboy Feng’s area Bar and Grille serves the easiest matzoh ball soup within the Galaxy, and hires the very best musicians you’ll ever listen. It’s a great spot to go to, however it has a tendency to maneuver around—just one step prior to no matter what mysterious conspiracy is decreasing complete worlds to radioactive ash. And Cowboy Feng's might be humanity's final wish for survival.

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Smoke trailed away from the stage toward the intake duct above the bar like a grey down comforter. I wondered if it could be woven into a business suit. As we got settled I found myself studying Eve. Whatever they’d found out, she had no doubt done most of the hard work, just because she spoke all the languages and had that sort of mind. What sort of mind? She hardly ever said a word, and when she did, you could barely hear her. She had a delightful laugh and beautiful blue eyes and a habit of going into sulks.

She seemed excited about the whole thing, almost hyper. Her arms flailed madly about as she spoke, describing arcs and circles. I wondered if she was always like that. We brought Tom up-to-date on the conversation, and he said, “That was about the time I met Rose and Jamie, playing on the street. ” “Yeah,” said Jamie. ” “Feng’s was the first place we played, too,” said Tom, which, like the rest of the story, was true as far as it went; we still hadn’t mentioned that it had been on another planet in another solar system in another time.

We yelled at him over the music, discovered he didn’t speak English, but when I told him my name, he found it and Rose’s on the pass list. After a brief discussion with Eve, the rest of our group was waved through. It was the sort of club that seems as if it could have existed in any place at any time. Too dark, too crowded even on a Sunday night, air that was too stale and too full of smoke. The band was a fivepiece called Les Sons Magiques. I couldn’t hear anything except the bass drum and the electric bass, with the exception of occasional notes from a Strat copy set to armor piercing.

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