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5. , B and DN is low. PA curves display two branches: linear dependence for proton solvents and curvilinear for aprotic ones. ) [47], a "soft" basicity scale correlating well with corresponded enthalpies of iodine complex formation was suggested. Unfortunately, any information about probable application range of this scale is absent. Similar to basicity scales, there is a series of data on correlation between separate electron demand ("polarity") scales of solvents. Some correlations, for example, between scales Ej and Z, Y and others, are discussed in the review [39].

It is not surprising taking into account that polarity is the decisive factor in this case. It also has been found [39] that Ej and Kirkwood function display not linear but symbate curvilinear correlation. The effectiveness of application of multiparameter equations indicates comparison advisability of solvation scales, most commonly used in such equations, for the purpose of determination of their apparent, harmony and substitutability. As indicated [25], OH band shifts in IR-spectra of H-acids, caused by solvents, are proportional.

However, there are cases when Drago's equation gives results significantly deviating from the experiment, specifically for systems containing boron compounds. Some examples of nonconformity of calculation and experimental data are shown [49]. 1 BF3 + (CH2)4S Such deviations may be explained by both shortcomings of formally developed mathematical model and the probability of appreciable errors of C and E determination. 17, etc. Nevertheless, the predictive strength of Drago's equation allowed its use for generalization of data on several hundred systems; therefore, the equation received wide recognition.

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