Constructing Sexualities and Gendered Bodies in School by Jón Ingvar Kjaran

By Jón Ingvar Kjaran

This ebook sheds gentle on how sexuality and gender intersect in generating heteronormativity in the tuition process in Iceland. even with contemporary aid for innovative rules relating to sexual and gender equality within the nation, there continues to be a discrepancy among coverage and perform with admire to LGBTQ rights and attitudes in the university approach. This publication attracts on ethnographic info and interviews with LGBTQ scholars in excessive colleges around the nation and divulges that, even supposing Nordic nations are often portrayed as queer utopias, the college procedure in Iceland has an extended street forward in making colleges extra inclusive for all students.

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61 Pharr defines and identifies the characteristics of heterosexism as follows: Heterosexism creates the climate for homophobia with its assumption that the world is and must-be heterosexual and its display of power and privilege as the norm. Heterosexism is the systematic display of homophobia in the institution of society. 62 Here Pharr draws attention to four aspects of heterosexism: (1) Heterosexual values and views are hegemonic. (2) Privilege and power of heterosexuals is the norm. (3) Heterosexism is the systematic display— both overt and subtle—of homophobia in the institutions of society.

Furthermore, I will explore and demonstrate that schools, even in societies that have been depicted as progressive in regard to LGBTQ issues, are not free of homophobia and heteronormative discourse. 5 of LGBTQ students were offered posi- THE SCHOOLING OF GENDERED BODIES AND SEXUALITIES 39 tive representations about LGBTQ history, culture, people or events at their schools. 5% of students said they had been prevented from choosing to discuss or write about LGBTQ topics in class assignments and projects.

This applies both to those who identify as a sexual or gender minority or as non-heterosexual. 152 Transnationally, research have indicated that the schools are hostile toward students who do not adhere to normative gender performances, particularly in case of male students. 154 Further, masculinity is established by high school boys through their use of the fag epithet, which Pascoe depicts as the “fag discourse”, operating at different levels in high school settings. The “fag discourse” entails boys calling one another fag, under the disguise of a joke in order to cement relationships among them.

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