Concepts of Space in Greek Thought by Keimpe Algra

By Keimpe Algra

Innovations of area in Greek concept experiences historic Greek theories of actual house and position, particularly these of the classical and Hellenistic interval. those theories are defined basically almost about the overall philosophical or methodological framework during which they took form. exact cognizance is paid to the character and standing of the assets. introductory chapters care for the interrelations among a number of innovations of area and with Greek spatial terminology (including case reviews of the Eleatics, Democritus and Epicurus). the remainder chapters comprise distinct reviews at the theories of area of Plato, Aristotle, the early Peripatetics and the Stoics.
The booklet is mainly important for historians of historical physics, yet can also be of curiosity to scholars of Aristotelian dialectic, historical metaphysics, doxography, and medieval and early smooth physics.

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10 We may tentatively conclude, then, that in common parlance topos and chora were used more or less promiscue, the only traceable difference being that, whereas chOra appears to have always denoted a certain extension, topos could also be used just to denote location in relation to the surroundings. Moreover, in contexts where the terms are used together and where they both denote extension topos seems to have been thought of as smaller than, and part of, ch6ra. 2 As will be clear from all this, whether tapas and chora should be translated 'space' or 'place' depends on the context in which they appear rather than on anything like their 'intrinsic meaning'.

This will be done in the next chapter. CHAPTER TWO TOPOS, CHORA, KENON: SOME CASE STUDIES Introduction The present chapter will investigate the ways in which the Greeks, both in common parlance and in philosophical language, used their main spatial terms, chora, tapas, and kenon. Since in antiquity neither empirical experiments nor mathematics played any role of importance in philosophies of space, the ways in which spatial terms were commonly applied constituted, so to speak, the raw material of the philosophical debate.

Congress of Historical Science, vol 2 (Uppsala 1960) 81 (quoted in Finley (1975) 63): 'The word Sklave, esclave, schiavo, which stems from the Middle Ages and originally marked Slavic war captives from eastern Europe can be transferred to antiquity only in an anachronistic way, and that means with misunderstanding. Furthermore, the word brings to mind the Negro slavery of North America and the colonial areas in the most recent centuries, which makes its transfer to the relationships of antiquity even more difficult.

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