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A. Thumb drive B. SD C. CompactFlash D. Memory Stick 3. Which one of the following is not a video-related technology? A. DVI B. S/PDIF C. HDMI D. WQUXGA 4. Which of the following offers single-layer storage of 25GB? A. HD DVD B. Super-CD C. DVD+R DL D. Blu-ray Disc 5. 0 cable from other USB cables? A. 0 connectors are bigger. B. 0 connectors are smaller. C. You can see the metallic shield through the sheath. D. There is absolutely no difference. 6. Nearly all desktop processors mount using _______ connectors, while a few others use ________ connectors.

This study guide will do that by describing in detail the concepts on which you’ll be tested. How to Use This Book and CD We’ve included several testing features throughout the book and on the CD-ROM. At the beginning of the book (right after this introduction) is an assessment test for each that you can use to check your readiness for the actual exams. Take both of these exams before you begin reading the book. Doing so will help you determine the areas you may need to brush up on. The answers to each assessment test appear on a separate page after the last question of the test.

A. C0 B. C1 C. C2 D. C3 8. Which of the following memory standards are used in laptops? ) A. DIMM B. MicroDIMM C. SoDIMM D. RIMM 9. 4GHz radio frequency and transmits data at speeds up to 54Mbps? A. 11b B. 11c C. 11e D. 11g 10. In Windows XP, how can you start a search for files and folders? A. Click Start All Programs Search. B. EXE at the command prompt. C. Left-click a directory and choose Find. D. Click Start Search. 11. Which of the following is not a hive in the Windows Registry? A. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT B.

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