Complete Guide to CISM Certification by Thomas R. Peltier

By Thomas R. Peltier

I supply this booklet one celebrity simply out of my courtesy as there is not any approach to submit a evaluate when you provide no celebrity at all.

So, let's get to the purpose: if you happen to be aware of the themes mentioned during this booklet you can find plenty of technical mistakes and should be upset by way of wasted time and cash you spent; in case you don't yet quite an attentive considering reader - you are likely to spot discrepancies and inconsistencies that shall bring up purple flags to you and direct you to higher resources.

If your objective is simply approximately to memorize this booklet and cross an examination - than it'd be your option to give a contribution into the already overly commercialized box supporting the authors extra increase agiotage by way of endorsing their negative activity, and extra reduce the belief within the career.

Lots of unwarranted repetitions - turns out the authors desired to make the quantity greater, that is stressful. even as many themes are lacking, while a few dive deep into pointless to the safety administration details.

Up to the standard of the editors - there has been a terrible activity too: spelling blunders, lacking sentences.

Well, it sounds as if this can be an instance of the way solid humans can do undesirable job...

PS. touch upon humor is well very subjective, yet i didn't locate the author's humor neither sharp nor smart.

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If the virus is written as a COM file, then even if it creates a copy of itself named EXE, DOS will interpret that EXE as a COM file and execute it properly. The virus itself can EXEC an EXE host file just as easily as a COM file because the DOS EXEC function does all the dirty work of interpreting the different formats. The major problem a companion virus that infects EXEs will run into is Windows executables, which it must stay away from. It will cause Windows all kinds of problems if it does not.

There are two very important things a companion virus must accomplish: It must be capable of spreading or infecting other files, and it must be able to transfer control to a host program which is what the user thought he was executing when he typed a program name at the command prompt. 40 The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses Directory of C:\VIRTEST Name HOST1 HOST5 HOST6 HOST7 Ext COM COM COM COM Size #Clu 210 1 1984 1 501 1 4306 1 Date 4/19/94 4/19/94 4/19/94 4/19/94 Time 9:13p 9:13p 9:13p 9:13p Attributes Normal,Archive Normal,Archive Normal,Archive Normal,Archive Fig.

Simple enough. The Replication Mechanism MINI-44’s replication mechanism is even simpler than its search mechanism. To replicate, it simply opens the host program in write mode—just like an ordinary program would open a data file—and then it writes a copy of itself to that file, and closes it. Opening and closing are essential parts of writing a file in DOS. The act of opening a file is like getting permission from DOS to touch that file. When DOS returns the OK to your program, it is telling you that it does indeed have the resources to access that file, that the file exists in the form you expect, etc.

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