Comparative Physiology of the Heart: Current Trends: by E. H. Sonnenblick (auth.), F. V. McCann (eds.)

By E. H. Sonnenblick (auth.), F. V. McCann (eds.)

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7). There is also an increase in the quantity of collagen and mucopolysaccharide, seen more clearly in Fig. 8. At this level there is a progressive change in the muscle fibres, which develop branching processes as the aorta is approached. Endothelial cells appear in the sections (Fig. 9A) and occasionally a myo-neural junction is seen (Fig. 9B). At the junction of the ventricle and the aortic bulb (Fig. 10) many nerve fibres are visible. These contain large numbers of electron dense granules, the character of which differs from those seen in auricular nerve fibres.

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Positive inotropic and chronotropic response, first by the auricle, then asynchronous entry of ventricle. Finally a fairly close synchrony of auricular and ventricular diastole and systole. Lower signal markers indicate auricle (A) and ventricle ( V). Addition of ACh to perfusate is shown on both: later, auricular and ventricular systoles are signalled. (G) A. panthera (same preparation as F). Heart beat has subsided to auricular diastole/systole, as in first part of trace (F). Addition of I ml of w-6 M ACh to perfusate is followed by inhibition of contraction.

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