Comparative nuclear effects of biomedical interest by Clayton S White; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Division of

By Clayton S White; U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Division of Biology and Medicine.; et al

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The cocktail party was in a glassed-in restaurant atop a five-star hotel in Buenos Aires with a spectacular view of the waterfront, from the Presidential Palace and the financial district to the rail yards and grain-loading facilities upstream. The lights of the renovated restaurant district on the waterfront glittered in the foreground, and CHAPTER 3: THREE BOOMS AND HOW THEY ENDED 33 in the distance were the running lights of the ships on the river, which is very wide there. No view in Manhattan or London could be more striking.

The strategy will work for them, and their standard of living will gradually improve. However, the strategy of harnessing securitization will deliver faster growth and will expand the pool of money that moves across borders in search of opportunities. If several new countries successfully harness that new force, the prospects worsen for countries following the traditional growth strategy. Countries that raise the value of their assets will have enough buying power to buy businesses in other countries that do not try to raise the value of assets.

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