Commentaries on Pindar: Olympian Odes 3, 7, 12, 14 by W. J. Verdenius

By W. J. Verdenius

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Aesthetic principles such as repetition, symmetry and gradient are adopted to create highly poetic and decorative spaces with seemingly simple lines. Such geometric patterns are extensively used in furniture design. An abstract pattern could express a certain peculiarity; an exaggerated configuration could retain the sumptuous style while keeping an intense modern air. Materials contribute to the decorative effects of Art Deco. Stone, wood, metal, and the like. are commonly used, especially on walls, furnishings and furniture details.

They serve beyond their basic function as materials; rather, they are decorative elements themselves. Craftwork is another important ingredient in Art Deco. Sculptures, paintings and pieces of artwork are some of the most commonly used ones. Sculptures can be categorised according to their size: pretty small pieces and magnificent large-scale ones. Usually designers would choose curving-lined sculptures to create an abstract artistic feeling. Likewise, abstract or exotic paintings are preferred more often than not, making the walls feel artistic and filling the spaces with an artistic air.

In terms of future design development, we believe that people will find it difficult to find the balance and demand for spaces that are opposite to their professional life and are to help them unwind and recharge. In our experience, we believe people want spaces that are very personal, natural, authentic and refer to their local customs and heritage. These attributes shall be applied towards the design concepts as well as the selection of materials and finishes. 036 另外一个取得新装饰风格奢华典雅效果的手段是利用大型吊灯。吊灯总是能 给室内空间带来一丝雍容华贵的气息。一般来说,吊灯都是用高级材料打造 的,具有温和、微妙的照明效果。具有现代感的吊灯更胜一筹,可以做成亮 片组成的裙状造型,带有珍珠般的色泽,仿佛闪亮的光盘构成的一片漂浮的 云彩。 对TOC工作室来说,设计的核心永远是以人为本。我们关注空间使用者的 需要和要求。不论是私人生活中还是繁忙的工作中,人们总是面临不断的变 化,我们的设计也要随之而变。 说到未来的设计方向,我们相信,人们会发现很难找到平衡,于是会需要跟 他们的工作、职业相反的生活空间,能够让他们真正放松精神、修整身心。 根据我们的经验,我们相信人们需要个性化的、自然的、能够代表他们的地 域文化和历史遗产的空间。这些要求应该在设计中予以考虑,融入设计理 念,乃至融入材料和表面加工的选择之中。 New Art Deco Style 037 Art Deco Art Deco Art Deco integrates ornamentation and function into one in which designers could freely apply new materials and technologies to achieve a highly decorative space.

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