Cold Winter (Prima Official Game Guide) by Joe Grant Bell

By Joe Grant Bell

No Tux. No License. No Mercy. ·Tips and maps that will help you overcome each point ·Multiplayer advice: Weapon use, map-specific ploys, process for each video game sort ·Understand and defeat AI rivals ·Comprehensive weapon and equipment stats ·Every intelligence merchandise printed ·Get most sensible grades on each venture

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Get behind the bar, or move into one of the semi-protected, walled areas in the club’s main area. Keep moving, and keep gunning down guards. This is a tough fight, but you’ll have a decent chance if you stay away from that red-colored entry hall, which turns into a blazing inferno shortly after you first attack. Narghile 14 12 Talk into the intercom to gain entrance. Go behind the front desk and grab two pieces of intelligence, plus assorted useful gear. There’s a grenade launcher back here, if you don’t already have one.

4 Grab a letter from the desk in this shack. Also get a memo from the file cabinet, and a radio from the desk. 2 Exit the shack. Climb up a nearby guard tower. Collect a sniper rifle and ammo at the top. Go to the gate in the electrified fence. Grab the note from the sign near the gate. [ New Objective ] Disable the Electrified Fence Sniper ammo is precious. If you decide to use it on minor targets, like the guards patrolling on the ground nearby, be absolutely sure you can score head shots. This conserves ammo, for when you really need the sniper rifle.

Unauthorized or unlawful copying or downloading expressly prohibited. [ 33 ] ™ 13 [ New Objective ] Find a Way into the Sewers Pry open the optional sewer entrance manhole and drop down. Follow the sewer until you find a box with a 40mm grenade launcher. Take the weapon and ammo, and get out of the sewer. 10 A bunch of gunmen attack. Kill them all, then wander into an open-air café. Grab a crowbar from the café’s bar. Also look for supplies and intel. 14 Now re-cross the town square again. Go to the main sewer entrance and pry it open.

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