Cold Steel by John Styers

By John Styers

Paladin has bought particular reprint rights to this vintage (originally released by means of Leatherneck magazine), which was once the Marine bible of unarmed wrestle. Emphasizing the perform point of bayonet, knife and stick struggling with, this infrequent quantity additionally presents brief classes in unarmed strive against and knife throwing. for tutorial research simply.

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THE CUT. "All of this," you will say, "is fine on the drill field or in a gym, but what do O do when I'm in combat and a crazy enemy comes chargin' at me with a wicked lookin' dagger? " You're right. He'll kill you if you don't do something immediately to discourage him. CONFIDENCE in YOURSELF is your primary MENTAL attack. A bucketful of his wild zest will drain from him when he sees you plant yourself in the guard position and DEFY him. He'll stop in his tracks and think things over. You have won part of the mental duel.

The knees are slightly bent until the lower part of the RIGHT LEG is straight up and down-ready for instantaneous advance or withdrawal. 7. The CUTTING EDGE of the blade should be facing DOWN and to the RIGHT in an unstrained, natural position. 8. YOUR WRIST IS LOCKED. 9. Keep the upper part of the body ERECT at all times. This is the proper SABRE STANCE. Notice how easily you are able to advance and withdraw-forward and backward. Movement to the left or right is more difficult. In practice, a knife, bayonet or stick may represent the sabre.

Com). Please register to remove this message. 3/6/2008 COLD STEEL Page 56 of 136 Attempt a straight thrust for your opponent's head or throat Passata sotto, an alternative for out-of-line. If your opponent rushes with exposed lower right side, thrust to lower chest PASSATA SOTTO Another means of getting your blade into your opponent, other than the direct manner from the guard position, is to perform a passata sotto in which you merely BEND THE TORSO VERY LOW and to the LEFT from the guard position.

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