Clinical Psycholinguistics by Theodore Shapiro

By Theodore Shapiro

One of Moliere's gauche characters in Le Bourgeoise Gentilhomme re­ sponds with shock whilst he learns that he has been talking prose all his existence. the obvious discovery, mirrored in his remark, presents us with either the virtues and the problems in featuring "yet one other book," specifically one with a a little bold name as this one. The virtues will be cataloged lower than cross-fertilization between a few disciplines which gives impetus to new principles, paintings, or even dis­ coveries. The problems pertain to the variation in concentration of every disci­ pline, the adaptation within the item each one self-discipline chooses to check, and the adaptation in really expert language that accrues among fields of inquiry. no longer too decades in the past, common technology and particularly psychology have been in the confines of philosophy and its subsectors: the pre­ Socratic philosophers have been basically cosmologists, and basically later, with Socrates and Plato's paintings, did an curiosity in epistemology imagine a principal place inside of philosophy. even supposing this occasion positioned guy on the heart of philosophical inquiry, the emergence of options to review mental approaches in line with se was once certainly overdue and, at that, lengthy after ordinary technological know-how had edged clear of philosophy. lately, it really is a few­ instances tough to differentiate linguistics from philosophy, simply because there's a robust wave of philosophical considering that's depending on linguistic research, and the really expert linguistics of that zone relies seriously on philosophical musings.

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A longer view of communicative systems in biology is a warranted digression at this point. In their hope for continuity between other varieties of communication up and down the phylogenetic scale, some investigators made extravagant claims regarding the linguistic communication system of adult human beings. Communication, is communication, is communication is their general message. Whether you ruffle your feathers, or flap your wings, or waggle as in bee language became a matter of relative indifference.

Premack felt that the differences between human and chimp intelligences were quantitative and that whatever qualitative differences we suggest from our human positions reflect instead our arrogance rather than our certainty. Another set of experiements were carried out by Rumbaugh (Rumbaugh, Gill, & Von Glaserfeld, 1974; Rumbaugh, Von Glaserfeld, Warner, Pisani, & Gill, 1974; Rumbaugh & Gill, 1976) at the Yerkes Regional Primate Center. Rumbaugh and his associates also bypassed the vocal-auditory channel by using a set of punch keys in a computer console placed in a cage with their chimpanzee, Lana, who was slightly over two years of age when her training was begun.

Langer, 1967, p. 20. Miller (1964) wrote that "a logician is interested in discovering the rules for valid inference, but whether people actually use those rules or not does not concern him" (p. 93). We have here the crux of the issue. Does our study of linguistic analysis have any relevance to psychology? The issue is an epistemological concern that asks if the analysis of a text by logical or grammatical rules is actually mapped onto some variety of psychological structure or apparatus. Can we take rules derived from understanding grammatical form or syntax and the rules of reference and find both psychological and biological correlates that describe the substrate which subsumes that process?

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