Climbing knots by Fitch, Nate; Funderburke, Ron

By Fitch, Nate; Funderburke, Ron

Climbing: Knots positive factors educational knot-making info for the beginner climber. Pocket-size, it is transportable and easy-to-use, with images all through to help with learning.

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It’s also important to learn to tie knots and hitches with both hands, from different perspectives, and in adverse conditions. Also, the use of online animated resources can be excellent tools for learning to tie knots and hitches, learning to manage rope, or learning new contexts for ropework. Intermediate climbers may discover why their mentors and instructors tend to default to the use of certain tools and techniques. There are many options when using a climbing rope, so it is important to understand why some knots predominate while others are forgotten.

Also, this text is most effective when read in conjunction with the other books in this series: From Gym to Rock, Protection, From Rock to Sport, and From Sport to Trad. CHAPTER 1 The Rope Like anything anyone chooses to study carefully, the climbing rope can be studied beyond all value and practical import. All of the rope’s contortions, including all knots and hitches, the rope’s chemistry and physical attributes, its history and its symbolic value, involve disciplines of science and history that predate rock climbing.

However, in the most common applications of a friction hitch in climbing (backing up rappels and lowers), the Prusik is overly tedious to tie/untie and its great strength is not needed. Guide’s Insight When I first learned to COPE with an autoblock for rappelling and lowering backups, I tried to quantify my admiration for the hitch. Here’s what I came up with: It takes me three seconds longer to tie a Prusik than an autoblock on average. It takes me one second longer to untie and stow it on average.

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