Chains of Loss by Robert Sier

By Robert Sier

Derek, a pacifistic cyborg from the recent Athens stellar colony, unearths himself stranded on a post-apocalyptic myth Earth. He has extra special strength at his fingertips, yet he is continually been capable of take it without any consideration that everybody he meets is fit and empowered. he is by no means even heard the observe 'orc', or anticipated to satisfy a vampire - less an orcish vampire. the realm does not have time to enable him cease and gawk, as he has to accommodate the meddlings of a proactive prophet, blunder via a civil battle and check out to prevent breaking his partners in his first few days at the Shattered Earth.

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Ugh. ” She nodded, and Derek leaned in, a half-mask covering the top of his face, with a lens covering his empty eye socket. “Looks like some calibration’s going on. ” “Not really. ” She flexed her arm again. It felt normal this time. She waited for Derek to look away and poked herself lightly in the right eye. The poke hurt a little, but the eye was still there. “You’re a bit of an unusual case,” he said. “Ever since the first generation of this model was proven bugfree, nearly everyone with this hardware was born with it.

Sheralys had somehow concentrated a waushan down to tiny size and stuffed it into a waterskin. She'd never even imagined such a thing. How had Sheralys managed to convince it to comply? She allowed the thoughts to occupy her as she continued the watch for the rest of the night. It was more pleasant than thinking about Derek. 57 *** Thursday, October 27, 3481. Time: Morning. Location: Keiths Manor. City of Kaitopolis. ” Captain Ricardo’s hands had been busy as he spoke. Anyone listening would probably have missed the exchange of hand signals that confirmed that the watch was indeed at regular status and that he was not under duress.

That question again. ” The woman looked guarded for a moment, then nodded. “That’s all there is to it? ” Derek shook his head. What did physics have to do with this? ” *** Mycah did some stretches, mostly to assuage her restlessness, while Derek sat, eyes closed and lips moving slightly. What was he doing? Meditations? Prayers? She didn’t really care enough to inquire. The sitting was driving her crazy, but did she dare pace? It would increase the amount of tracks they left, and with her companion’s unexpected weight they were in a bad enough situation already.

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