Cathedral (Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Mission Gamma, Book 3) by Michael A. Martin

By Michael A. Martin

A four-book odyssey of area exploration, political intrigue, non secular schism, lethal conspiracies and startling revelations, this is often Deep area 9 at its top. Peace talks try the morality and unravel of 2 longtime enemies, the Bajorans and the Cardassians. but if politics and international relations fail, an odd alliance of alien religions bargains unforeseen desire for lasting peace. in the meantime, a mysterious historic artifact demanding situations the group of the Defiant by way of 'restoring' crewmembers who've survived life-altering differences, propelling them into own trips of self-discovery in the course of a deadly army war of words. PLUS this quantity sees the surprising loss of life of a ordinary personality from the television sequence.

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The pursuer’s weaponry didn’t do anything to us,” said Bowers. Tenmei checked a conn display. ” Vaughn asked, turning toward the science station. “It survived its brush with our shields and is now headed deeper into the Oort cloud, Captain,” said science specialist Kurt Hunter. The eager-looking young officer quickly consulted a readout before continuing. “But it’s losing power rapidly, no doubt because of all the damage its pursuer has inflicted on it. ” “Well, I can’t just let the underdog die without any clue as to what this is all about,” Vaughn said.

Shortly after Second Minister Asarem Wadeen had taken a hard line with newly appointed Cardassian ambassador Natima Lang during the last round of peace talks—thereby causing their collapse—Macet had asked her to weigh in on the matter with First Minister Shakaar Edon, using whatever political pull she could muster. What a joke, Kira thought. She was well aware that the problem of Bajor’s intransigence extended all the way to the highest levels; culpability for the failure of the talks lay not with Asarem, but with First Minister Shakaar himself.

Dax said, her voice full of iron authority. “We still have impulse power and thrusters,” Nog said. “Take us out to five-hundred klicks, then bring us about. ” An eternity later—though Bashir knew that perhaps only ten seconds had actually passed—the Sagan was parked in a stable orbit, apparently safe from the dark leviathan that had reared up at them from out of the ether. ” Bashir asked, his momentary surge of fear giving ground to curiosity and wonder as he looked out the viewport. Whatever it was, the object was enormous.

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