Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 1: Archostemata - by I. Lobl, A. Smetana

By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

A accomplished paintings overlaying the approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera identified to ensue within the Palaearctic zone. the entire paintings is deliberate for eight volumes that might be released with durations of approximately 18 months. the data supplied for every species would be the following: fundamental taxonomic details of all on hand names within the genus and species degrees released through the tip of 1999. The taxonomic info under subfamily could be prepared alphabetically. the sort species of genera and subgenera, incl. synonyms, are given. the realm lined contains additionally the Arabian Peninsula, Himalayas and China. The distributional information of species and subspecies is given according to nation. unique distributional details for strict endemics is given. brought species are indicated.The catalogue is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the USA and Australia.

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B. Guéorguiev, 1965c: 494 sedilloti sedilloti Régimbart, 1878a: 352 {Hydroporus) A: CYIS SY siculus Fery, 1995: 41 E: IT snizeki Hendrich, 1993: 392 A: UZ varius Aubé, 1838b: 334 {Hydroporus) E: AU BU FR GE GR IT MA PT SP YU N: AG MO TU laeticulus Sharp, 1882: 453 {Hydroporus) pauper O. Schneider, 1903: 51 {Hydroporus) veterator behningi Zaitzev, 1927: 11 A: TR veterator veterator A. G. R. R. R. Sahlberg, 1889: 221 sumakovi Poppius, 1912a: 107 zaitzevi Jakobson, 1908: 425 [RN] ampliatus Zaitzev, 1927: 13 E: GG ST A: IN analis Aubé, 1838b: 294 E: FR (Corse) GR IT SP N: TU anatolicus J.

Formosanus Takizawa, 1932: 22 solutus Sharp, 1882:315 hyalinus hyalinus DeGeer, 1774: 406 {Dytiscus) E: AB AR AU BE BH BU BY CZ DE EN FI FR GB GE GG GR HU IR IT LA LT LU MC MD NL NR NT PL SK SL SV SZ UK YU A: CY ES IN IQ IS LE SY TM TR WS cyprioticus Mouchamps, 1956: 3 hyalinus Marsham, 1802: 420 {Dytiscus) interruptus Panzer, 1795: no. 5 {Dytiscus) marmoratus Geoffřoy, 1785: 70 {Dyticus) marmoreus Olivier, 1795: [40] 27 {Dytiscus) hyalinus testaceus Aubé, 1837: 214 Ε: CR FR IT MA PT SP YU N: AG CILB MO TU inflatus Wollaston, 1864: 79 kusteri Marseul, 1866: 19 [RN] pictus Küster, 1851: no.

Zimmermann, 1921a: 87 [RN] type species Dytiscus elegans Panzer, 1794 Rhabdonectes Houlbert, 1934: 68 type species Hydroporus carinatus Aubé, 1838 airumlus Kolenati, 1845: 85 (Hydroporus) E: AB AR GG PL ST UK A: AF BEI ES GAN GUI HEB HEI HEN HP IN IS JIA KA KI KZ LIA MG NMO PA SCH SHA SHN SHX TD TM TR UZ XIN YUN amurensis Sharp, 1882: 427 (Deronectes) kashmirensis Régimbart, 1899: 195 (Hydroporus) rybinskii Kinel, 1936: 199 (Deronectes) anchoralis Sharp, 1884: 442 (Deronectes) A: JA assimilis Paykull, 1798: 236 (Dytiscus) E: AU BY CR CT DE EN FIFR GB GE IR LA NR NT PL SV SZ YU A: ES WS ί#ηώ Sturm, 1835: 17 {Hydroporus) fraterKunzĚ, 1818: 62 (Hyphydrus) hyperboreus Gyllenhal, 1826: 175 {Hyphydrus) balli Vazirani, 1970a: 127 (Potamonectes) A: HP PA UP banajai Brancucci, 1980a: 106 {Potamonectes) A: IQ S A brownei Guignot, 1949b: 44 (Potamonectes) A: GUI HUN SCH bucheti bucheti Régimbart, 1898: 89 (Hydroporus) E: FR IT bucheti cazorlensis Lagar Mascaró, Fresneda & Hernando, 1987: 93 (Potamonectes) E: SP carinatus Aubé, 1838b: 238 (Hydroporus) E: PT SP clarkii Wollaston, 1862c: 438 (Hydroporus) E: IT PT SP N: AG CIMO TU A: TR andalusiae Clark, 1862c: 469 (Hydroporus) subtruncatus Fairmaire, 1876b: 49 (Hydroporus) unilineatus Báguena Corella, 1935: 88 (Hydroporus) croceus Angus, Fresneda & Fery, 1993: 298 E: SP crotchi Preudhomme de Borre, 1871b: xiii (Hydroporus) A: SI depressus Fabricius, 1775: 233 (Dytiscus) E: BY CT DE EN FI GB GE IR LA LT NR NT PL SL ST SV UK A: ES WS boristhenicus Hochhuth, 1871: 233 (Hydroporus) latescens Falkenström, 1932a: 185 (Deronectes) neuhoffii Cederhjelm, 1798: 32 (Dytiscus) pallidus Heer, 1837: 54 (Hydroporus) elegans Panzer, 1794b: no.

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