Capitol Offense by William Bernhardt

By William Bernhardt

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Sentz scowled. "Why did you send this man to me? " "Oh, there's always something we can do," Torres said, smiling. " "I did. " Dennis's face was flushed and covered with perspiration. "My wife is... is... " Torres cleared his throat. "Well... " Dennis fell silent. "Pulled it up on the computer. She was reported missing. Police searched. But it turned out she had just gotten in her car and started driving. " "That was a long time ago," Dennis insisted. "Before we were married. She was just a kid.

I must seem crazy, but I'm not. " Dennis held out his hands, pleading. "I already know what he will say. He's said it every day this week. " Torres peered down at him. Dennis thought he seemed sympathetic. But he had no way to help. "I'm just the front desk clerk here. I don't make policy decisions. " "That's not true. " Dennis asked, his head tilted at an angle, his throat pulsing. " "Dr. Joslyn Thomas. She's an oncologist. Works in the cancer ward at St. " "She's a saint. That's what she is. " Tears appeared in his eyes.

Sentz cleared his throat. " "It's not a matter of days. It's the absence of a crime. " "Or elderly. Does she have a mental condition? " "Of course not. " "Like that proves anything. " "History of drug abuse? " "No! I mean-she works in a cancer ward treating women with inoperable diseases. It's not exactly a good time. " "Then I can't-" Dennis rose to his feet. " Sentz shrugged. " "Listen. I know my wife. I know what she would do and would not do. Something has happened to her. " "I know you're worried.

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