Byzantium in the Year 1000 by Paul Magdalino (ed)

By Paul Magdalino (ed)

1000 years in the past, the Byzantine Empire was once attaining the peak of its revival as a mediaeval nation. the 10 contributions to this quantity by means of students from six eu nations think again key features of the empire's politics and tradition within the lengthy reign of the emperor Basil II.

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A Muslim Theologian in the Sectarian Milieu: Abd al-Jabbar and the Critique of Christian Origins (Islamic History and Civilization)

In 385 AH/AD 995 the Qadi 'Abd al-Jabbar, renowned for his Mu'tazili theological writings, wrote the affirmation of the Proofs of Prophecy, a piece that features a artistic polemic opposed to Christianity. 'Abd al-Jabbar reinterprets the Bible, Church historical past (especially the lives of Paul and Constantine) and Christian perform to argue that Christians replaced the Islamic faith of Jesus.

Silanes and Other Coupling Agents, Vol. 3

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Logic and the Imperial Stoa

The most argument of this ebook, opposed to a triumphing orthodoxy, is that the learn of good judgment was once an important - and a well-liked - a part of stoic philosophy within the early imperial interval. The argument is based totally on precise analyses of convinced texts within the Discourses of Epictetus. It comprises a few account of logical 'analysis', of 'hypothetical' reasoning, and of 'changing' arguments.

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But in Italy the empire’s new-found standing and potentia offered an alternative pole of attraction to miscellaneous elites and individuals and this, in turn, made amicitia et pax between the western imperial masters of Rome and the basileus all the more desirable and hard to attain. The protean, often convoluted, nature of ‘east-west’ relations is reflected in the vicissitudes of John Philagathos. His, most probably, is the figure shown performing proskynesis beneath Otto II’s feet on the Musée de Cluny ivory.

96 Some leads in this trail are stronger than others, and a summary fails to do justice to the subtlety as well as the cogency and erudition behind Poppe’s reasoning. At all events, his contention that Boris, Gleb and Theophano were Anna’s children seems to me to carry conviction. Three general observations may be made on the strength of Poppe’s thesis. Firstly, the naming of children after maternal grandparents seems to have been more current in Byzantine than in Rus ruling circles and presumably Anna had a hand in choosing Romanos and Theophano as baptismal names; she could well have been minded to commemorate their imperial antecedents.

34 Liudprand, Legatio, 39, ed. Chiesa, p. 204; Brandes, “Liudprand”, 439–43. 35 Liudprand, Legatio, 39, ed. Chiesa, p. 204. 36 Liudprand’s mode of disparagement departs significantly from the more conventional indictment of Greek trickery and avoidance of pitched battle. 38 Thus eastern fighting strength is explicitly acknowledged. A reference to Byzantine martial prowess may also be discerned in a letter composed by Gerbert of Aurillac on behalf of Hugh Capet and addressed to Basil II and Constantine VIII.

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