Bona Dea: The Sources and a Description of the Cult by H H J Brouwer

By H H J Brouwer

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A Muslim Theologian in the Sectarian Milieu: Abd al-Jabbar and the Critique of Christian Origins (Islamic History and Civilization)

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Manu ignota"; Hey, Bona Dea, p. 2071; Gilbert II, p. 210, No . I; Merlin, L 'Aventin , p. 167; Wissowa, RKR , p . 218 and note 6; Calza, Bona Dea, p. 155; Piccaluga. Bona Dea, p. 227, note 139. ]he: CIL reads ... HE and Tyche seems to be the most acceptable completion. mag(istra): CIL: Mag-' 'Intellege mag(istra)". THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND EPIGRAPHIC SOURCES 39 28. Small golden lamina in the form of a votive tablet. Found in Rome and first seen in an antique shop. Afterwards in the Palazzo dei Conservatori in the numismatic cabinet (where I did not find it) .

Weist auf flavische Zeit oder spater)". ClL gives the older sources . lLS merely state: Romae. Cf. also Vaglieri, Bona Dea, p. 1013; Hey, Bona Dea, p. 2071; Wissowa, , RKR. p. 218 and note 7; Latte, RR , p. 231 and note 1; Chantraine, p . 203; p. 313, No. 142. 1. 4-5: The N of n(ostri) is written N; for the addition of noster to the Emperor's name or title cf. Chantraine, pp. 193-215 (Die Erweiterung der Freigelassenen- und Sklavennomenklatur dureh NOSTER). Cf. also Chantraine, p. 313, No. 142: "Faustinus stellt lediglich eine Variante zu Faustianus dar.

2: compos. . ' C 4 I. 6: d(e) s(uo) d(onum) d(edit): Or, possIbly, d(edlcavlt); cf. agnat, p. 425. se uppe'r part was already lost when Henzen saw the monument. "Romae in vIlla Casaliorum MURATORI, ubi adhuc extat" (CIL). CIL VI 72 = ILS 3514 = Greifenhagen, Bona Dea, p . 227, No. 10. Bonae Deae I Hygiae. To Bona Dea Hygia. 2nd cent. D. (Greifenhagen, Bona Dea, p. 242). The older sources are found in CIL. CI~ information . e also · . B Dea ,p. ' "identificazione delle due dlVlmta ? cf. Valetudo ,Hey, 'f" .

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