Body Piercing and Identity Construction: A Comparative by NA NA;Lisiunia A. Romanienko

By NA NA;Lisiunia A. Romanienko

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Although prior research has demonstrated that decontextualization is common among groups engaged in political resistance against authoritarian others, no study to date has made the link from decontextualized talk to salience of anarchy and its importance in the discursive construction of punk authenticity. The current analysis has therefore provided preliminary evidence that gutterpunks’ decontextualized talk not only reflects detachment from a social structure perceived to be perpetually hostile to their existence, but also serves Verbal Communication 31 to bolster supportive relationships through defiant community identity construction and related trust among highly authentic members of bodypiercing communities regardless of context.

Active social process of extracting discourse from setting,”15 which is a discursive tactic frequently employed to contest authoritarian settings among members of resistance communities. Decontextualization describes the ideological, linguistic, and interactional processes by which a given piece of discourse comes to be gradually detached (decentered) from its immediate conversational and contextual surround, thus removed from the hazards of interruption, face-threatening negotiations, and challenges to its very existence.

Obtaining accurate and relevant information within a swift period of time is a highly valued form of cultural capital and is facilitated by, and correlated with, the number of ties an individual has within a given network (Granovetter, 1973), reciprocal sentiments and direction of ties, as well as the individual’s centrality within a given Bohemian Network 39 network. In addition to information resources, personal networks also provide material, social, and emotional benefits. Access to emotional support systems, mutual aid in terms of empathetic understanding, the articulation of similar reinforcing worldviews, and shared understanding of economic struggle under contemporary deindustrialized conditions together expedites ties within the network.

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