Blade Dancer by S. L. Viehl

By S. L. Viehl

Jory Rask is a certified shockball participant. The quickest runback within the online game, she is enjoyed throughout Terra. yet Jory Rask has a mystery that she's lived with for 24 years. In a xenophobic global that despises extraterrestrial beings, she isn't really human...

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The door panel opened. Or not. I lunged, knocking his stick out of his hand and pinning him against the nearest wall panel. "You sabotaged the weight unit. " "You have speed. Strength. " He took out another stick and transmuted it into a blade, then rested the tip against my belly. " There was nowhere for either of us to go, so we were staying right here. "Why all the games? " He moved then, somehow sliding out of my strong hands, whirling his blade up in front of my face. I jerked back, but it was so close I could feel the air displaced by the edge whisper across my skin.

He pulled up a star chart of the surrounding systems. " I didn't think my minor contribution to the battle on level nine rated that kind of reward. " He seemed surprised, then smirked a little. " I tucked my hands in my trouser pockets. " "This ship belongs to him, Terran. " He shut down the holoimage. " I rubbed one of the strained muscles in my arm. A blade dancer didn't get interested in people. He killed them. " "I'll pass the word along. " Finding me wasn't difficult. I went to the galley and sat until he appeared beside my table.

He pointed to a corridor off the banquet hall. " That last word cost him, so I went along to his office. Once inside, he secured the door panel and gestured for me to sit down in one of the comfortable-looking chairs in front of a wide, U-shaped desk. I didn't need his grudging hospitality, so I stayed on my feet. His eyes narrowed as he sat down behind the desk, but he didn't make a fuss about looking up at me. " I saw no reason to spare him the gory details. " I smiled politely. " He sat back and stared past me for a few seconds, his expression blank.

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