Black & White 2: Prima Official Game Guide by Ron Dulin

By Ron Dulin

It's worthwhile to Be a God· suggestions for each Silver Scroll problem· profitable options for either sturdy and evil gods· Creature education suggestions· information for each constitution· Maps for all lands

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You can see how much food your army is consuming by holding the hand over the storehouse. Creature Combat Your creature is your strongest military unit by far. A full-grown creature with miracles at his disposal can take out several large platoons of enemy soldiers, and this creature backed by support troops is almost unstoppable. A creature cannot capture a city, but he can do enough damage to defending troops that your own military force has little trouble sweeping in behind him and taking the town.

The torture pit also gives you an additional location to sacrifice villagers. Armory Well Tribute cost: 40,000 Ore cost: 500 Wood cost: 2,000 Impressiveness (base): 100 Influence ring effect: +40 Bonus: +Birth Rate Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Buildings Chapter IV Chapter V Tribute cost: 15,000 Ore cost: 100 Wood cost: 500 Impressiveness (base): 100 Influence ring effect: +6 Bonus: +Happiness The well is a decorative embellishment that significantly increases Happiness ratings in buildings within its effect radius.

Chapter I Chapter II Good and Evil Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Villagers award different amounts of mana when sacrificed, based on their age. Children award the most! Evil gods need a large population. You need people for sacrifices, army recruitment, and just to have a surplus of people to throw around when you feel like it. Your alignment is molded over a long time, based on the cumulative effect of your actions. But which actions, exactly, are evil and which are good? The game will tell you, in general terms, when you perform a good or evil deed.

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