Bescherelle : La grammaire pour tous by Collectif

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Try an activity that has only two possible outcomes, like tossing a coin. Try 50 goes to see what happens. Or try a die showing the digits one to six. What are the chances of each of the numbers coming up now? Again test out your theory. What to record: It will be necessary to write down the results of the probability tests, but keep this as brief as possible. Discuss what you think might happen with your helper before tests are carried out, and then compare the ideas with your findings at the end to see whether you were correct.

Learning outcome (Year 5): Suggest suitable units and measuring equipment to measure length. Floor show Many children find the difference between area and perimeter confusing in what the words mean, how they should be calculated and what units should be used to record them. Much practical 'handson' work should be done to improve an understanding of the two concepts. Stress the use of the formula length x width as a quick way of calculating area. It is important with this activity that the quality, appearance and toughness of the floor covering will need to be considered in addition to the cost.

What to record: List the results of the tally chart surveys and your most important findings on the back of the worksheet. Try to do surveys from at least three different passages. Comment from parent/carer: I This page may be photocopied for use only within the purchasing institution. 45 MATHS AT HOME Mealtimes Child's name: Date activity set: Date for returning to school: To the parent/carer: This is another method of collecting and recording data or information that your child will be familiar with from work carried out in class.

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