Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive by Mark L. Winston

By Mark L. Winston

Being between bees is a full-body adventure, Mark Winston writes—from the low hum of tens of millions of bugs and the stinky odor of honey and beeswax, to the sight of employees flying backward and forward among plants and the hive. The event of an apiary slows our experience of time, heightens our know-how, and conjures up awe. Bee Time offers Winston’s reflections on 3 many years spent learning those creatures, and at the classes they could train approximately how people may well greater engage with each other and the normal world.

Like us, honeybees characterize a top of animal sociality. How they submerge person wishes into the colony collective presents a lens wherein to consider human societies. Winston explains how bees technique details, constitution paintings, and speak, and examines how company boardrooms are utilizing bee societies as a version to enhance collaboration. He investigates how bees have altered our realizing of agricultural ecosystems and the way city planners want to bees in designing extra nature-friendly cities.

the connection among bees and other people has no longer regularly been benign. Bee populations are diminishing because of human impression, and we won't find the money for to disregard what the loss of life of bees tells us approximately our personal tenuous association with nature. poisonous interactions among insecticides and bee illnesses were rather damaging, foreshadowing related results of insecticides on human wellbeing and fitness. there's a lot to benefit from bees in how they reply to those demanding situations. In maintaining their societies, bees educate us how one can maintain our own.

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The migrating African honeybees had just moved northward from Brazil into French Guiana, a sparsely populated and remote protectorate of France located on the northeast coast of South America. Massive stinging attacks by these highly aggressive bees had caused numerous fatalities, and the bees had disrupted beekeeping everywhere they had spread. To fight back, the “killer bee team,” a professor and three graduate students from the University of Kansas, myself included, had been sent down in 1976 to find out why these bees—introduced from Africa to Brazil twenty years earlier— had been so successful in the wild.

He sports a well-trimmed gray beard and speaks hesitantly but with a quiet passion about bees and honey. He’s a member of a small cadre of judges comprising a handful of highly trained beekeepers who learn the judging craft through rigorous courses and apprenticeships. A typical judge will begin at a community level, judging at county fairs or annual meetings of local clubs, before moving up to the state fair level and eventually being selected for regional events such as EAS. Honey | 33 Once the scrutiny begins, the judges wear white gloves and carefully measure or observe the qualities of each of the three required jars for an entry.

Two of the largest honey-processing companies in the United States, long suspected by beekeepers of importing and adulterating illegal honey, agreed to pay $3 million in fines and are currently embroiled in a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of all commercial beekeeping operations in the nation. Sadly, this case was not an isolated incident. Journalist Andrew Schneider reported in Food Safety News that millions of pounds of Indian honey banned in the twenty-seven countries of the European Union and elsewhere because of lead and antibiotic contamination were imported and sold in the United States.

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