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Then you can harvest the comb. In the meantime a new comb grows on the llbuffer’l top bar]. You cc> Sufficient honey will be left for the bees. You will see that most brood combs contain quite a lot of honey, the outer ones having more than the inner ones. Mind you leave enough honey for your bees: Never harvest from the first 8 combs vhether there is brood or not! (d) (d You will help a characteristic You will to prevent feature your colony from absconding, of the African Honey Bee. which is be rewarded with a honey harvest from each hive of lo-30 year,providinqyou check the honey section in your hive every fortnight during and after good flowering seasons.

Entrance holes and topbars as described above. ” ,,T’& ‘I ” 60 1. The material for Noah's hive 2. The bottom is tied together first The frame is ready &$->Tt. r&g&~ filled with a. ,<:i +&i 9. ,z ;‘,a. I,,. , :i :;< 10. ‘, :> 11. ” ,,5 12. _ the thick mixture is almost Let it dry and finish with fresh 1 cow-dung! Bore entrance Prepare top ready off holes! bars! Put the hive on a trestle it from rain! and orotect 61 Tea Box Hive Plywood tea boxes stood on their side (this will involve removing one side wall which_can then be used for closing the original opening), can that the thin walls are insulated in some way.

Bees are normally hostile to those from strange colonies, beforehand. and only drones are accepted into’every hive, provided there is enough stored food. Lower the swarm into the hive and gently, but of the-catching-box (see picture move now towards the darker right is already there the bees keep relatively calm bars. Many of them are beginning to cover the branch or out The bees will Release the queen now by opening the match-box creep into it. and she will quickly quickly, shake it off the below).

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