Beasts of New York by Jon Evans

By Jon Evans

A violent, epic, action-packed city quest filled with very eccentric, frequently hilarious, tremendous risky characters who additionally take place to be animals -- the natural world of latest York urban, to be certain.

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But Snout ran along the edge of the mountain, until he reached a huge hole in the mountain’s side. Humans had blocked the hole with a wire fence much like those e Center Kingdom  in the Center Kingdom. Snout squeezed himself through a hole in the fence and disappeared into shadow. ” Toro asked. “Yes,” Patch said. ” “You should go back to the Kingdom. ” Patch was afraid to stay in these terrible mountains for even a moment longer. He wanted to run back to the Center Kingdom, with his full belly and his wonderful story of adventure that no other squirrel would ever believe, and wait for spring to come.

Jumper e opening in the wire fence that Snout had squeezed through was too small for Patch to do the same. But it was easy enough to climb up to the top of the fence. From there, Patch could see all of the hole in the side of the mountain. It was like some enormous creature had taken a big bite from the mountainside. Beneath the wire fence, a sheer-walled pit plunged deep into darkness. e pit was full of hu- e Center Kingdom  man things, metal and concrete shaped in the strange curves and straight lines that humans favoured but made animals feel queasy.

It had to remain secret, for other squirrels would have been enraged by the thought of Patch befriending Toro, and other bluejays would have looked askance at Toro befriending Patch. But the two had much in common. Both were lone explorers. And when they saw one another in remote corners of the Center Kingdom, as they often did, they stopped to talk. It was during one of those conversations, in the depths of the winter, that Toro told Patch of what his sharp bluejay eyes had seen in the nearby mountains.

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