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It should be remembered that the standard potential refers to the condition in which all the substances in the cell are in their standard states of unit activity. Gases such as hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine are thus at 1 atm. pressure. With bromine and iodine, however, the standard states are chosen as the pure liquid and solid, respectively; the solutions are therefore saturated with these elements in the standard electrodes. For all ions the standard state of unit activity is taken as the hypothetical ideal solution of unit molality or, in other words, a solution for which the product m y is unity, where rn is the molality of the ion and y its activity coefficient.

And heat cont'ent change (AH) at 25°C or B+ne=Bn- The number of equivalents of chemical action or the number of electrons involved in the reaction is denoted by n (Le. n x F = n x 96500amp-seconds). f. f. (dEldT) are determined In the reaction in which 1mol of lead and lead dioxide react with 2 mol of sulphuric acid to produce 2 mol of lead sulphate and 2mol of water (Le. the discharge process in a lead-acid battery): Pb + PbOz + 2HzS04 + 2e = 2PbS04 + 2 8 2 0 the amount of electrical current produced is 2 F, Le.

G. zinc, nickel, ferrous, cupric, mercuric), n is 2 and so on. 37) where UA- is the activity of the A- ions in the given electrode solution. 37 that in the former, for cations, the second term is preceded by a negative sign, whilst in the latter, for anions, the sign is positive. To make practical use of the electrode potential Single electrode potentials equations it is necessary to insert values for R and F in the factor RTInF which appears in all such equations. e. 312 international joules per degree per mole.

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