Basic Keelboat (U.S. Sailing Certification) by Monk Henry, Mark Smith, Rob Eckhardt

By Monk Henry, Mark Smith, Rob Eckhardt

The 1st folks SAILING's well known Keelboat sequence, easy Keelboat covers the abilities and terminology required to responsibly skipper a small daysailing keelboat. easy Keelboat breaks down maneuvers like tacking, jibing, docking and overboard restoration in an easy, comprehensible demeanour. utilized by crusing colleges round the state, simple Keelboat is the definitive learn-to-sail textual content, released by way of the nationwide authority for crusing within the U.S.

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O Rigging the Mainsail: Attach the foot to the boom by inserting the clew of the sail into the forward end of the boom slot, pulling it along the boom, and attaching the outhaul. f) Attach the tack of the sail to the gooseneck 8 Connect the cunningham. Tighten the outhaul to tighten the foot of the main (your instructor will show you how tight it should be). Secure the outhaulline. o Attach the luff to the mast, making sure it's not twisted (your instructor will show you how to avoid twists). If it is connected by metal or fiberglass slides, feed them onto the track, and make sure they are all attached.

Release the boom vang. Check the halyard to make sure it's clear, then hoist away. e o o Tighten the outhaul. e o o II Look up the mast to check that the sail is going up smoothly. Allow the sail to luffso it will go up more easily. Wrap the halyard around a winch if it becomes difficult to hold - be very careful about using awinch handle as it's easy to break something. Hoisting the Jib: o Everyone should clear the foredeck so they are not hit by the sail as it flaps in the wind. f) Make sure both the halyard and the jib sheets are clear and untangled .

Air flow is turbulent on the outside (leeward side) of the sail as indicated by the fluHering telltale. Ease the mainsheet out to get smooth air flow. Many beginning sailors tend to trim mainsails too tight. Remember the saying, "When in doubt, let it out! " TOO LOOSE The mainsail here is trimmed too loose. Turbulent flow is indicated by a backing on the forward edge of the mainsail (Iu" "bubble"). m Your First Sail Sailing in the Groove As you learn to sail close to the wind, you will develop a technique called "sailing in the groove," The groove is an invisible sailing angle where your boat is making progress toward the wind (to windward), but also moving smoothly and steadily through the water and tipping (heeling) a comfortable amount.

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