Barrack-Room Ballads by Rudyard Kipling

By Rudyard Kipling

First gathered in 1892, Kipling's Barrack-Room Ballads relive the reviews of squaddies despatched worldwide to guard the Empire-all for little pay and not more appreciation. an instantaneous luck, they have been not like whatever the general public had obvious ahead of.

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We went away like beaten dogs, an’ down the street we bore him, The poor dumb corpse that couldn’t tell the bhoys were sorry for him. When it was:—‘‘Belts . . 35 15 20 25 30 BARRACK-ROOM BALLADS There was a row in Silver Street—it isn’t over yet, For half of us are under guard wid punishments to get; ’Tis all a merricle to me as in the Clink I lie: There was a row in Silver Street—begod, I wonder why! ’’ O buckle an’ tongue Was the song that we sung From Harrison’s down to the Park! —First published in The Scots Observer (26 July 1890) 36 35 40 The Young British Soldier One of Kipling’s most upbeat and heroic versions of the soldier’s experience, this poem was frequently quoted—particularly the last stanza—in articles about the war in Afghanistan in 2002.

First published in The National Observer (22 November 1890) 46 25 30 35 40 45 50 Ford o’ Kabul River This poem recalls an incident in the Second Afghan War (1878–80) when the 10th Hussars tried to ford the Kabul River on the night of 31 March 1879. They were surprised by a flash flood that killed one officer, fortysix men and fourteen horses. Kabul town’s by Kabul river— Blow the bugle,° draw the sword— There I lef’ my mate for ever, Wet an’ drippin’ by the ford. Ford, ford, ford o’ Kabul river, Ford o’ Kabul river in the dark!

It’s the same with dogs an’ men, If you’d make ’em come again Clap ’em forward with a Loo! loo! Lulu! Loot! (ff)° Whoopee! Tear ’im, puppy! Loo! loo! Lulu! Loot! loot! loot! 8 clobber clothes 10 Loot The common English word ‘‘loot’’ derives from ‘‘lut,’’ Hindustani for plunder. 18 ff fortissimo or very loud 26 5 10 15 Loot If you’ve knocked a nigger edgeways when ’e’s thrustin’ for your life, You must leave ’im very careful where ’e fell; An’ may thank your stars an’ gaiters if you didn’t feel ’is knife That you ain’t told off to bury ’im as well.

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