Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 3: Air Conditioning, Heat by James E. Brumbaugh

By James E. Brumbaugh

Continue it cool or warmth issues up

This 3rd quantity of Audel's HVAC Library can provide a finished, hands-on advisor to fitting, servicing, and repairing all easy air-conditioning platforms in either new and older building. You'll additionally locate entire assurance of specialised heating units-radiators, radiant heating structures, stoves, fireplaces, warmth pumps, and indoor/outdoor pool warmers, plus fanatics, exhaust platforms, air filters, and extra. It's what you must whole your HVAC reference library.
* Make actual calculations for AC approach output
* Tailor AC platforms for older construction
* discover ways to set up and repair today's well known digital air cleaners and filters
* carrier much less universal heating platforms comparable to coal-fired furnaces
* set up, continue, and service humidifiers and dehumidifers
* deal with radiators, convectors, and baseboard heating units

Table of Contents

About the Author.

Chapter 1: Radiant Heating.

Chapter 2: Radiators, Convectors, and Unit Heaters.

Chapter three: Fireplaces, Stoves, and Chimneys.

Chapter four: Water Heaters.

Chapter five: Heating Swimming Pools.

Chapter 6: air flow Principles.

Chapter 7: air flow and Exhaust Fans.

Chapter eight: Air-Conditioning.

Chapter nine: Air-Conditioning Equipment.

Chapter 10: warmth Pumps.

Chapter eleven: Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers.

Chapter 12: Air Cleaners and Filters.

Appendix A: expert and exchange Associations.

Appendix B: Manufacturers.

Appendix C: HVAC/R schooling, education, Certification, and Licensing.

Appendix D: information Tables.

Appendix E: Psychrometric Charts.


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Feed Water Pressure Regulators A feed water pressure regulator is used to fill both the boiler and system piping (including the floor panel loops) with water. A typical location of a feed water pressure regulator in the cold-water return line is illustrated in Figure 1-15. These valves also maintain the water pressure at the required level in the system at all times. If a leak should occur in the system, the feed water pressure regulator is designed to provide the required amount of makeup water.

Qxd 7/3/04 3:04 AM Page 29 Quark03 Quark03:Desktop Folder:GK030-Brumbaugh- Radiant Heating 29 ROOM THERMOSTAT REMOTE BULB PANEL CONTROL PANEL POWER SAFETY CONTROL TEMPERATURE CONTROL AUXILIARY SWITCH 3-WAY VALVE VALVE MOTOR BOILER CIRCULATOR BURNER ROOM THERMOSTAT (OPTIONAL) OUTDOOR BULB REMOTE BULB PANEL CONTROL PANEL OUTDOOR CONTROLLER POWER SAFETY CONTROL BOILER CIRCULATOR BURNER Figure 1-19 (Continued) other materials, makes corrections or adjustments very difficult and expensive. Many manufacturers of radiant panel heating system equipment have devised simplified and dependable methods for designing this type of heating system.

Depending on the heating system requirements, a manifold may also include inline thermometers or a temperature gauge to measure the temperature of the water flowing through the tubing; check valves or isolation valves to isolate the manifold so that it can be serviced or repaired; drain valves to remove water from the manifold; an air vent to purge air from the system; and pump flanges (for the circulator) plus all the required plumbing connections and hardware. Manifold balancing valves regulate each zone (loop) to ensure efficient heat distribution and eliminate those annoying cold and hot spots on the floor.

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