Astro Boy: The Movie by Tracey West

By Tracey West

Set in futuristic Metro urban, Astro Boy follows the tale of a tender robotic who used to be created through an excellent scientist within the snapshot of the son he has misplaced. This novel relies at the new lively movie, comprises eight pages of full-color photographs from the motion picture, and is written via long island occasions bestselling writer Tracey West.

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Tenma stepped into the library. “Toby—” Whack! One of the paper planes hit him in the side of the head. ” Dr. Tenma asked. ” “I ... I just wanted to test Da Vinci’s theories,” Astro explained. “I perhaps encouraged Master Toby, sir,” Orrin said, coming to Astro’s defense. Dr. Tenma noticed the hat on Orrin’s head. “You should not be wearing that hat,” he snapped. “A robot should not be wearing my son’s ... ” Orrin took off the hat and gave it to Dr. Tenma. He rolled out of the library, sadly hanging his head.

Tenma picked up Toby’s baseball hat. It was all that was left after the huge explosion. Tears welled in the scientist’s eyes. Dr. Elefun approached and put a hand on his shoulder. “I am so sorry, Tenma,” he said gently. President Stone had only one concern. He walked up to the fallen Peacekeeper. “It was just the Red Core,” he mused. ” Dr. Tenma cradled Toby’s hat. “Toby, it’s all my fault,” he said. His eyes took on a look of determination. CHAPTER 4 Over the next few weeks, Dr. Tenma never left his lab.

A small, round man in a white lab coat stood on the platform. He had a big, round nose in the center of his pleasant face. He was mostly bald, with a cloud of white hair ringing his head. “Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present Blue Core energy,” Dr. Elefun said. A hologram appeared on the stage with him—a giant, glowing sphere of blue light. The crowd gasped in wonder. The light looked soothing and peaceful. “Blue Core energy,” the scientist explained. He stepped closer to the audience. ” The hologram changed.

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