Armed Love by Elia Katz

By Elia Katz

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Sometimes this was frightening to me, but at the end it wasn't. Then another white man came in and seeing that I was white came over to talk to me. His name was Kevin and he had been arrested while at work in the Department of the Interior for nonsupport of his wife. He was a beefy man with a catalog of eye and lip movements that were supposed to indicate either intimacy or secretiveness, as though he was always sizing me up and then deciding it was OK to tell me this next private information, and then sizing me up again and then deciding to tell me more private information.

S. imperialism and the establishment of socialism. That is it, boldly stated. After a few hours of introductory talk, during which we all got to know one another by discussing recent political information and the daily news, I felt as I have among a few other groups of radicals, the total absence of despair of people who feel themselves to be in an unambiguous state of war. They showed us pictures of themselves in government pamphlets. The pamphlets were massive green paperbacks about the New Left, and our friends had been photographed leaning out the windows of occupied buildings, carrying banners at the heads of marches, throwing tear gas back at the police, always with their faces showing the greatest concentration, exuberance, joy, always with their faces circled and numbered in white ink with methodical enumeration and listing below each picture and in the index of the volume.

The light was off, the shades were down, but it was impossible to attain darkness, and BOSON BOOKS 45 Armed Love everything was sharply lit to us, because of the way that acid is like the man with no eyelids. She told me her father works for AP and wherever he is sent a catastrophe occurs. She was in Argentina when Goulart was overthrown, in the Dominican Republic when Johnson sent in the Marines, and in Prague when the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia. After she said this, as the house appeared to be crumbling around us, her presence in the room with me assumed a great and terrifying importance.

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