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3. Improving the identification of new opportunities. 4. Preventing costly mistakes. 5. Building public engagement in decision making for improved governance. 6. Facilitating transboundary co-operation. 1. 1. SEA and poverty reduction strategies and related national planning strategies The development co-operation community is moving towards strategic policy frameworks, such as poverty reduction strategies, as the platform for development assistance (including direct budget support and sector support programmes).

4). 4. SEA in post-conflict countries SEA should only be applied when environment is a priority and when certain preconditions in the country are met. Priorities include circumstances: ● Where environmental issues were, or may be, a source of conflict. ● When badly planned reconstruction actions may seriously damage the environment. ● When environmental programming could open peace-building opportunities that could not be better developed in other sectors. SEA will only be effective where an institution (usually the State) exists in a country that has the mandate, the capacity and the willingness to follow up on the key results of the actions agreed in the SEA, and when stakeholders are both willing and able to participate without risk.

Set appropriate decision criteria from these objectives and the broader development agendas of the parties. ● Set definite and realistic timescales. ● Agree the required documentation. ● Confirm sources of funding.

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