Apocalypse Law by John Grit

By John Grit

An endemic wipes out ninety-five percentage of the world's inhabitants, taking Nate Williams' spouse and daughter and leaving him along with his thirteen-year-old son to outlive on their farm. within the bedlam of lawlessness and hunger, hungry, determined males arrive from the closest city to take their meager offers. A benevolent stranger retains coming within the evening to scouse borrow nutrition. Sensing the stranger ability no damage, Nate leaves meals out as charity. however the stranger ignores bargains to hitch them, then involves their relief whilst a gang of criminal escapees, led through an previous nemesis of Nate's, raids their domestic. finally, it's the kindness of a father eager to retailer his son which may supply households and the stranger a chance to construct a brand new lifestyles in a post-apocalypse world.


60,000 words

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Though it was dark in the shade of the trees, he knew his shot was a solid hit. If he was not dead, he would be soon. He pushed Brian to the ground and against the oak windfall. “Crawl to the other end of the log and get behind that rock. Stay low. On your belly. ” His eyes wide, Brian belly-crawled to the rock and sat behind it. “No. On your belly. And stay there. Just lie there and don’t move. ” “Shut up and do what I say. ” Nate crawled twenty yards farther back into the forest and then rushed another twenty through thick brush while bent down low.

Reaching over to the dresser top, he groped in the dark, knocking over the buckshot shell he left there, just catching it before it rolled off onto the floor. He shoved it into the magazine. ” Brian’s voice rose in the dark. “And you knew there was trouble and said nothing. That’s not right, Dad. ” Nate shoved more rounds in the magazine. “I will do anything to protect you. ” “And you killed them like it was nothing. ” Nate’s face hardened. “Goddamn it, think, Brian! And you say I should have told you?

There was just enough room in his pack for a quart-sized can each of powdered orange drink and chocolate mix. All of the items were for Brian. After securing the cave door back as he found it, Nate walked a wide circle around the area, looking for sign of anyone having been on Mel’s land. The only thing he found was a snare set for rabbits. Snow had covered any tracks. Part of him wanted to stay and wait for the owner to check the snare. But he needed to get back to Brian. Whoever it was had done him no harm.

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