Anglo-American Corporate Taxation: Tracing the Common Roots by Steven A. Bank

By Steven A. Bank

The united kingdom and america have traditionally represented contrary ends of the spectrum of their ways to taxing company source of revenue. below the British method, company and shareholder source of revenue taxes were built-in lower than an imputation approach, with tax paid on the company point imputed to shareholders via an entire or partial credits opposed to dividends acquired. less than the yankee method, against this, company and shareholder source of revenue taxes have remained separate lower than what's referred to as a 'classical' method within which shareholders obtain very little aid from a moment layer of taxes on dividends. Steven A. financial institution explores the evolution of the company source of revenue tax structures in each one state through the 19th and 20th centuries to appreciate the typical criminal, financial, political and cultural forces that produced such divergent ways and explains why convergence will be most likely sooner or later as each one nation grapples with company taxation in an period of globalization.

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60 (quoting Addington). 24 early anglo-american corporate income taxation To remedy the perceived threats to privacy for both individuals and businesses, Addington introduced a schedular system. This eliminated the need to report a person’s income on one return by replacing it with a set of schedules for different types of income, each schedule being filed in a different office. Schedule A was for income from land and buildings, Schedule B was for income from the occupation of land, such as the amounts earned by tenant farmers, profits from public securities were reported on Schedule C, and Schedule D covered profits from commercial and industrial ventures as well as incomes from vocational or professional services.

124 The 1864 Act, as amended, remained in effect until the end of Reconstruction in 1872. Some thought the income tax should be retained as part of a general overhaul of the federal revenue system. 128 After receiving a short reprieve, the income tax ultimately expired after 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 Seligman, The Income Tax, p. 440. , p. 441; Taylor, “Corporate Integration,” p. 264. See Taylor, “Corporate Integration,” p. 264. Langenderfer, The Federal Income Tax, p. 475. See Seligman, The Income Tax, p.

86 When that hope proved too optimistic and Congressional leaders sought to dramatically expand the base of taxation, the income levy became inevitable. 87 The 1862 Act did not specifically mention income from corporate or partnership profits, but it did impose a form of withholding tax on certain businesses. : University of Wisconsin Press, 1985), pp. 67–8. Act of August 5, 1861, ch. 45, 12 Stat. 309 (1861). See Steven A. Bank, “Origins of a Flat Tax,” Denver University Law Review 73 (1995): 345.

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